Whisky Connoisseur? Our Every Product is a Journey

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best alcohol brands in India.

Hermes Distillery was set up with a specific vision in mind – to make top-shelf liquor in India that is world-class yet affordable. In this journey, we at Hermes Distillery adopted international standards and introduced many ‘firsts’ in the Indian liquor industry. From the first Tomsa plant in India to the secret ingredients in many of our labels; we seek out to provide the best alcohol brands in India.

We have several labels under our belt that range from inspirational to super-premium. Understanding whisky and its connoisseurs is an art, and we at Hermes Distillery have gone miles to grasp that thought. Our alcohol labels cater to those who work hard and seek to enjoy life with sophistication.

Every alcohol label distilled by us is a journey for the connoisseur. With every sip, the consumer is bound to get mesmerised in a potpourri of flavours.

Here’s a brief about all our alcohol brands in India


Rockdove is our top-shelf super-premium whisky that offers a superior taste to all whisky connoisseurs. We recognise the changing palates and have distilled one of the best alcohol brand names in India with Rockdove. As our premium whisky, Rockdove offers a sophisticated amalgamation of flavours that are smooth and exquisite.

Its sparkling golden yellow colour when poured in a whisky tumbler speaks for its quality. It’s a light bodied whisky with a fine taste that will lead the consumers into thinking they have a top-shelf scotch. The mouthfeel is smooth with a touch of smoky taste that leads to a satisfying aftertaste.

With such characteristics, Rockdove is already charting its name among the top alcohol brands in India.

6 Bullet

Hermes Distillery caters to every liquor aficionado – that means we have a product for every taste and budget. There are many affordable Indian alcohol brand names, but none of them as refined as 6 Bullet. It’s a versatile whisky that is suited for every occasion. The impeccable taste offered by 6 Bullet is smooth and suits every palate.

The golden yellow colour of 6 Bullet will perhaps tell the consumer about its refinement. When sipped, the peaty note will remind the connoisseur of a light bodied malt that is smooth and enjoyable.


Rum is often considered as winter drink in India because of its traditional flavours. However, rum aficionados are true to their name and prefer rum all around the year despite the season. Murano is one of the most sophisticated rum labels with a pronounced rich taste for the connoisseurs.

It is made from the finest molasses and aged in oak barrels leading to a taste that reflects its superior ageing process. The added sugarcane lends a sensational and robust taste to our liquor. The dark red colour conferred by molasses and oak barrels reflect the richness of Murano, leading to a rich and mellow taste. A smooth aroma fills the air during nosing that resembles the sweet and pure cane juice spirit.

Lincoln Brandy

Brandy is an all-purpose drink that has been around for a long time. It is believed to have medicinal properties that can help in restful sleep. It also helps in improving the body’s ability to break down and absorb food. It is one of the best spirits to be consumed after a meal.

Lincoln Brandy by Hermes Distillery provides an exquisite palate of flavours with a touch of concentrated fruits. Made from the finest Indian grapes, Lincoln Brandy is a statement that makes it an indigenous product.

The bright golden colour is deep that speaks volume for its richness. Lincoln Brandy has a matured flavour with bouts of sweet grapes. The mouthfeel is pleasant, and the aftertaste is smooth.

Red Bliss

Vodka is the ultimate drink to mix and match. It’s the top-selling liquor in bars and pubs, mainly because most cocktails have vodka as their base. Vodka has infused itself in the party culture and get-togethers. To provide the best vodka experience, we at Hermes Distillery have managed to produce Red Bliss – a vodka that is distilled five times and is unmatched in purity, smoothness and flavour.

It has a pleasant, pure grain taste with a satisfying aftertaste. The grains from green Indian farms can be nosed through our vodka. Red Bliss is true to its name – a blissful experience that will take you through journeys of a lifetime.

Indian Honey

A one-of-a-kind liquor, Indian Honey is our ultra-premium spirit that brings together a sophisticated concoction of anise with the aroma. There isn’t anything like Indian Honey in the market which makes it among the best alcohol brands in India.

The colour is clear, and the taste is super smooth as one would expect from a top-shelf liquor. Indian Honey has an extremely satisfying palate and aftertaste, reflecting its unique process. After going through a copper cauldron, it is passed through a bag of anise seeds giving it the signature taste.

Indian Honey is best served chilled and consumed as a shot after dinner. It is a sophisticated journey that brings out the best flavour and refinement.

Every product distilled at Hermes Distillery speaks a story. Whether the ingredients or the distillation process in the Tomsa plant, we at Hermes Distillery cater to all liquor aficionados who want the best value for their money.

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