What Do Whisky Aficionados Look for in Their Whisky?

by Hermes

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Different people have varying opinions about what they look for in their whisky. Whisky comes in different varieties, tastes, and under diverse and sophisticated names. However, the ideal whisky for a whisky aficionado is worth the pursuit of an enjoyable time and an experience worth beholding.

Several traits enable whisky aficionados to evaluate the quality of a whisky. To distinguish the exceptional drinks from the swill, these people use senses, including taste, sight, and smell. Individual tastes, as well as preferences, greatly influence their choices while picking their favorite from the best whisky brands in India. The following guide will make you understand what whisky aficionados look for in their whisky.

  • Colour

Whisky is a concoction of distinct colour hues, ranging from light golden to rich brown. The two things that are derived from the colour of the whisky are its age and malted grain content. A dark colour signifies that the whisky is older and consists of a higher malted grain content. The ideal way to see the real color of whisky is to hold out a plain white paper behind a whisky glass.

  • Aroma

A good whisky always has a pleasant aroma. Even though each whisky has its unique characteristic aroma, those preferred by whisky aficionados have rich and inviting aromas. With any good whisky, deep breath into the whisky glass leaves them contented. This is one of the most vital aspects considered by whisky lovers all around the world.

  • Age

The older the whisky is, the better it gets. When whisky is kept to age in the wooden barrels, it tends to absorb the wooden flavours more. Moreover, the flavours become more balanced. As a result, when searching for a good whisky, whisky aficionados consider the older ones. Some whiskies come with their ages mentioned on the label while others do not. Older whiskies are more viscous, and as a result, they run slower on the glass walls when swirled.

  • Taste

A good whisky should taste great. To determine its flavour, whisky aficionados not only taste the whisky with a mix of air in their mouth but also when mixed with water. If the taste remains consistent, it proves that they have a good drink in their hands. Although whisky originates from different countries and bears different names, the characteristics, and principles remain the same. Even though the manufacturing procedure may vary slightly, the same traits define all good whiskies.

  • Viscosity

Viscosity of a whisky refers to its general thickness. The older a whisky, the higher is its viscosity. It can be easily checked by swirling the whisky in a glass and observing whether tear-drop streaks are seen on the inside of the glass every time the swirling stops. Longer streaks indicate an older whisky, whereas smaller streaks indicate that the whisky is fairly young.

  • Combinations of Other Grains

Some of the most popularly known grains used in whisky are wheat, corn, rye and sometimes rice as well. Corn brings red-fruit taste, rye contributes to the spiciness, like mint or pepper, and wheat adds a toasty mellowness. Whisky made of 100% corn is comparatively more mellow than the ones made with 20% rye and 80% corn. Whisky aficionados look at the ingredients of their whisky before they decide to have it.

Most of life’s great pleasures are gained through taste, and whisky is as much of an adventure as it is a drink. There is an extensive range of whiskies to choose from the best whisky brands in India. We at Hermes Distillery, offer exquisite flavours which are not only sophisticated but also unforgettable. Our whisky is specially made for the success-oriented new generation, which always gets them asking for more.


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