Still Searching for the Right Way to Drink Whisky?

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The world of spirits is filled with people trying to correct each other’s ways of drinking. From supporting their favorite whisky brands in India to discussing what side dishes to order in a bar along with their drinks; it’ll be an understatement to say that the whisky game is intense.

It may not be evident for the regular folks, but enthusiasts and connoisseurs will argue over the right way of drinking whisky. From the single malts to blended scotches and bourbons; every type of whisky has its own intricacy. Not only do whiskies differ in their production method, but also the use of different malts and grains. The location where whiskies are produced also play a significant role in drinking. Even though whisky was originated in Europe, people from around the world have found different ways to drink. However, is there really a right way to drink whisky? Read on to find out!

Knowing Your Drink

The first and foremost thing to do is knowing your drink. It is often seen that people skip this first step and equate all whiskies from the same perspective. The right way to drink whisky is to know what you’re drinking. From the age of the whisky to the malt and ABV; knowing about your drink will set the right expectation of how you’re going to drink. Just because a whisky is a scotch doesn’t say anything about its taste. Every region in Scotland has its own trademark taste. However, it doesn’t mean that whisky that’s not scotch is any bad. Knowing how your whisky is produced and taking an interest in it is perhaps the right way of approaching your drink. Before you take out your glasses, it’s important to know about your whisky.

The best whisky brands in India like our in-house Rockdove can compete and stand out against some of the top shelf liquors. It has a sparkling light bodied taste of a fine scotch with a smoky finish.

Knowing Your Glass

The right way to drink whisky also starts with choosing the glass. Before you can nose and swirl your drink, you need to have the right glass. Connoisseurs and lovers of whisky who’ve been drinking it for a long time usually like to drink it from a vessel shaped glass. Using the right glass makes a considerable difference to the endnotes of your whisky. Most people use whisky tumblers to drink whisky; however, a Glencairn glass is the choice of connoisseurs. It’s made explicitly for the purpose and brings out the flavour of the drink.

Knowing the Pour

Yes, how much you pour in your glass matters. Overpouring your glass will come in the way of nosing your drink properly. If you can’t nose it right, you’ll not know its aroma. Nosing is the way a spirit is smelled – the only way all whisky connoisseurs drink. Also, make sure not to pour a double glass, as you’ll not be able to nose it right.

Splash it With a Little Water

Make sure you emphasise on ‘little’ as topping your whisky glass with water will dilute its taste. A gentle splash of water will bring out the flavour of your whisky. It opens up the flavour, and you’ll be actually able to smell the aroma better. Most people will either add ice, soda or cola soft drinks into their drinks – which is not wrong; however, it does numb down the tongue palate and leads to a dull flavour of the whisky. If you’re looking to taste your whisky and get better flavour, make sure you just add a few drops of water, leave it for half a minute and then drink.

Knowing Your Limits

The right way to drinking whisky involves knowing your limits – and by limits, we mean knowing when to stop. Gentlemen celebrate their whisky and drink it slowly. Savour your taste buds with every sip by nosing the grains and cask in your drink. A glass of whisky is a journey, and we at Hermes Distillery make sure you get the best whisky in India. In search of this quest, we bring to you Rockdove – the best tasting whisky to take you through the journey sophistication with exquisite flavours.

There’s no doubt that whisky remains as one of the most consumed spirits in the world. It is a popular drink, yet seldom do people savour it for its flavour. Drinking whisky is an art, and every sip should take you through a journey that amplifies and satisfies your senses.

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