Make Your Winter Drinking Way Less Boring with These Whisky Cocktails

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The cold winds are making their way into the land. The season of snow has dawned, and the love of hot beverages is going to be rekindled in every home. A hot cup of chai, warmed-up delicacies and the fireside, a setting like this is no less than heaven in winters.

But what if we tell you that there is still something missing in this picture? What if we make this winter less boring by adding something new to your epicurean delight; something which is often termed as ‘liquid sunshine’? Got the hint? Yes! We are talking about our very beloved whisky.

A whisky cocktail can bring fun to your evenings and make your winters a bit more interesting. In case you don’t know much about which whisky cocktail to choose, take a look at some of the best ones we have listed below:

  • Hot Toddy

This cocktail is famous as the hot tonic for the coldest months. Hot Toddy is a mixed drink that is prepared using whisky, honey, lemon juice, tiki bitters and star anise tea bags. People also add other herbs and spices to get different flavors. This cocktail not only warms you on cold nights but also cures cold and flu symptoms. So, if you feel the need of a drink that is good for health too, try hot toddy for sure.

  • Whisky Sour

You must have heard of this classic cocktail which is known for its tantalizing taste. The cocktail is made using various ingredients including whisky, lemon juice, simple syrup and lemon peel for garnishing. You can also add egg white in the cocktail to play with the flavors.

As far as whisky is concerned, you can take any of the whisky brands to give the cocktail a unique flavor. Indian whisky can also rock this drink; so you can also pick up the bottle of Rockdove whisky that we offer. It is specially made for a sophisticated and success-oriented generation.

  • Manhattan

Invented in New York’s Manhattan Club, this cocktail is easy to make and delicious to taste. You need whisky, sweet vermouth, bitters and cherry to prepare this drink. Just mix them all with ice and serve into a chilled coupe.

Though rye is the traditional whisky used to make Manhattan, you are free to replace it with the whisky of your choice. There are plenty of variations of Manhattan where people change the whisky and bitters to experiment with the drink. So, if you are a person who loves to play a little with the drink, Manhattan is surely for you!

  • Irish Coffee

Another winter warmer, Irish coffee is quite a charming drink blending the love of whisky and coffee. Top the drink with thick cream and you will not help but admire its strong taste. Some people even take it as a morning drink. As per the stories, the drink was invented in 1947 by a Joe Sheriddan in Shannon Airport when he tried an experiment to serve the travelers. Since then, this cocktail has become one of the most popular drinks all over the world.

  • The Blizzard Cocktail

The Blizzard Cocktail is a rich and creamy drink made of whiskey, hazelnut liqueur and Irish cream and hot coffee. This drink is not just perfect for a get-together but your binge-watching sessions on Netflix too. Just grab hold of the ingredients and make the hot drink in minutes. To garnish it, top it with whipped cream and sprinkle cinnamon that adds a distinct flavor to the cocktail.

  • Milk Punch

Though its name sounds a bit weird, Milk Punch has been winning the hearts of people with its delicious taste for decades. There are basically four ingredients — milk, whisky, sugar and vanilla extract — that are sewed to make this magical cocktail. The recipe is also simple; you just have to put everything together in a jar with ice and stir well. You can also garnish it with nutmeg. Some people also add rum to the drink to make it more fascinating.

Now that you know about the wonderful whisky cocktails, try them all soon. And don’t forget to buy a high-quality whisky to make the drink delicious than ever. Our premium Indian whisky, Rockdove is made from select scotch malts and then blended with finest Indian grains to give you the taste of perfection. So add it your collection and give a toast of happiness this winter. Cheers!

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