What’s So Special About Rockdove?

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Rockdove Whiskey Review

With whisky consumption on the rise, our premium whisky, Rockdove, is creating waves in the industry with its exquisite flavors. This ‘amber nectar’ combines drinkability, flavor and value that meets the highest of standards. Unforgettable and sophisticated for the success-oriented new generation, Rockdove is endorsed by discerning professionals for its taste, color and aroma.

What people have to say about it in the Rockdove whisky review online will blow your mind. Let us tell you all about this classy drink so that so that you know why everyone is gushing about it. Read on to know:

The Design

While everyone focuses on finding whiskies that taste great, a whisky that comes in a great looking bottle also makes heads turn. The bottle and packaging are important to the value of the whisky. And, since premium whiskies are generally stored in the home for a longer period than other spirits, it’s nice to have an elegant bottle.

Rockdove has one of the classiest whisky bottles of recent times. The whisky bottle is elegantly curved, making it ideal for the goal-oriented generation. It’s the kind of bottle you’d like to display on the top shelf of your bar rather than keep it hidden in your cupboard. Ideal for dinner parties, this whisky will always keep up with your standards. Available in 750 ml, 375 ml and 180 ml, you can choose from a variety of sizes of Rockdove.

Color and Aroma

There are many factors that influence the color and aroma of a whisky. Whisky aficionados know what to expect out of a whisky by just smelling and looking at it. A dark-colored whisky with rich, luscious aromas has a strong taste. A strong taste is derived when the whisky has been stored for long enough. When it comes to the color, the different types of oak give different colors to the spirit.

Rockdove has a captivating aroma and an appealing sparkling yellow color, making it a huge hit among connoisseurs. The color reflects its maturity, and the aroma of smooth matured scotch is a mark of its high quality. The ideal way to have Rockdove is to take slow sips while enjoying its aroma. This will surely offer you an unforgettable experience.


Rockdove is a light bodied whisky with a fine scotch flavour, that you’d never get enough of. Whether you like your whisky neat or on the rocks, Rockdove’s enriching taste will fulfil all of your desires. Read Rockdove whisky review online to know why it has suddenly become everyone’s favourite spirit. Thanks to its distinct, sophisticated taste, you will want to relish it again and again. Ideal to have at parties, the aftertaste will leave you satisfied like never before.


The high standard process followed by Hermes Distillery makes Rockdove an incredibly unique spirit. The Tomsa plant uses all-natural ingredients. This is a 100-year-old technology originated in Spain and is only used by some of the most iconic brands like Johnnie Walker, Bacardi, and Crown Royal. Till date, the only distillery in India to introduce and practice this exclusive method is Hermes.

Made from select scotch malts, this whisky is blended with finest Indian grains to give a rich taste. Its flavor is perfected by ageing them in the oak casks. All of the procedures are carried out under strict rules to keep up the highest quality standards.

Whether you like to drink to celebrate or just to relax, Rockdove will always prove to be your best companion. Suitable for a variety of people, Rockdove can match up to anybody’s sophistication and standard. And now that you have read all about its excellent features, it’s time to experience the blissful and exquisite flavor.

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