Rock Dove our premium whiskey offers exquisite flavors that are both unforgettable and sophisticated for the success-oriented new generation. Endorsed by discerning professionals for color, aroma, and taste, our flagship whiskey meets the highest of standards, ensuring that it remains exclusive and extraordinary for the ages.

Premium Whisky Rockdove 750ml
Premium Whisky Rockdove 375ml
Premium Whisky Rockdove 180ml

6 Bullet

Powerful and action-packed, our smooth and rich Whiskey, made from the finest Indian grains, offers a break from the everyday routine. This whiskey is universal for all occasions.

Premium Whisky Bullet 750ml
Premium Whisky Bullet 375ml
Premium Whisky Bullet 180ml

Lincoln Brandy

Made from the finest Indian grapes, then blended and distilled, our brandy offers an unforgettable taste. This spirit is for all occasions: ideal for those who like to sit back and relax, enjoying the day as it comes.

Premium Brandy Lincoln 750ml
Premium Brandy Lincoln 375ml
Premium Brandy Lincoln 180ml

Red Bliss

Distilled five times, our vodka is unmatched in purity, smoothness, and flavor.

Red Bliss

Distilled five times, our vodka is unmatched in purity, smoothness, and flavor. It is powerful and yet invisible, enhancing the flavors of any accompanying mixer as well as the experience of those enjoying the occasion.

Red Bliss Vodka 750ml
Red Bliss Vodka 375ml
Red Bliss Vodka 180ml


Made from molasses and aged in Oak Barrels with added sugar cane, our mature rum lends a strong and potent sensation. This festive spirit is ideal for those who enjoy celebrating success under the sun or stars.

Premium Rum- Murano 750ml
Premium Rum- Murano 375ml
Premium Rum- Murano 180ml

Indian Honey

Our ultra-premium spirit is an elegant concoction of anise with aroma. From a copper cauldron, our finest liquor is passed through a basket of anise seeds and secret ingredients, acquiring the distinctive flavor. Taken as a chilled shot after dinner, this luxurious and sophisticated spirit will satisfy those with most discerning tastes and lofty standards.

Premium Drink Indian Honey 750ml
Premium Drink Indian Honey 375ml
Premium Drink Indian Honey 180ml

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With whisky consumption on the rise, our premium whisky, Rockdove, is creating waves in the industry with its exquisite flavors. This ‘amber nectar’ combines drinkability, flavor and value that meets the highest of standards. Unforgettable and sophisticated for the success-oriented... 13 nov 2018
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Different people have varying opinions about what they look for in their whisky. Whisky comes in different varieties, tastes, and under diverse and sophisticated names. However, the ideal whisky for a whisky aficionado is worth the pursuit of an enjoyable... 24 sep 2018

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