How to Consume Our Products – For Maximum Flavour

by Hermes

versatile alcohol

Whether you’re an alcohol aficionado or someone who enjoys a drink or two occasionally, you should always be able to make the most out of your drinking experience. Achieving long-lasting and rich flavours is the best thing you can do to make your experience perfect and unforgettable. To offer you a helping hand, here is a guide on how to consume our products to get the maximum flavour.

Whiskey – Rockdove and 6 Bullet

Whiskey is first distilled from fermented grain mash and is then aged in wooden casks until it is bottled. The amount of time whiskey spends in the casks affect its flavour. Educating yourself can help you enjoy our whiskey to the fullest.

Smell (nosing) is one of the best indicators of whiskey’s flavour, and because of that, many bartenders use their nose a lot more than their tongue when making whiskey drinks using any of the top 10 alcohol brands in India.

Another way to have whiskey is by adding a little water to it. Water dilutes the whiskey slightly, making the flavour a bit more manageable for novice drinkers. Other than that, water also brings the flavour to forefront and makes it more noticeable. The flavours of whiskey taste a lot better when you consume at room temperature, instead of chilled. However, most people find whiskey easier to drink when it is chilled. So, if you are someone who cannot handle the strong flavour of whiskey, you can add a splash of water and a cube of ice.

Vodka – Red Bliss

A neutral tasting as well as versatile alcohol, vodka can either be savoured on its own or be relished with a few key flavours. Most vodka aficionados believe that drinking vodka in its pure form is the proper way to enjoy this liquor. These people focus on savouring the taste rather than getting a high. Occasional drinkers like to enjoy vodka in the form of cocktails such as Bloody Mary, Screwdriver, and Sex on the Beach.

The best way to consume vodka is to smell it while swirling it in your glass. Start by taking a small sip and letting the flavour rest on your palate for a couple of seconds. To fully appreciate its grainy aroma, exhale it through your nose before you swallow it and savour the delicious aftertaste. You should always eat some appetisers between sips, as this helps in countering the taste and balancing the potency of the drink.

Brandy – Lincoln Brandy

Brandy tastes terrific on its own, in a cocktail or even as an after-dinner drink. Full of delicate flavours and aromas, brandy is an excellent drink for all weathers.

Majority of connoisseurs prefer to warm it up as the gentle heat enhances aroma and flavour. The ideal way to achieve this is by holding the glass (broad base glass) in your hand and gently warming it up. You also can warm the glass by pouring hot water in it or carefully heating the glass over an open flame. However, be careful not to overheat as it can ruin the drink’s flavour. Also, do not swirl the glass as it can make you lose some of the subtle aromas present in the brandy.

Rum – Murano

The versatile nature of rum makes it enjoyable whether you consume it neat or mixed with cola or juice. You should smell rum by bringing the rim of the glass close to your nose for maximum aroma. Also, to let the flavour access all parts of your tongue, it’s essential to take small sips. You can also mix rum with just one other beverage, like soda or cola. This is an ideal way to enjoy any quality of rum, varying from top 10 alcohol brands in India or any basic one.

Drinking alcohol is an art, that is why every sip should take you through a journey that intensifies and satisfies your senses.

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