The Best Brandy Cocktails to Make with Lincoln Brandy

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“Claret is the liquor for boys; port for men; but he who aspires to be a hero must drink brandy.” — Samuel Johnson

We all wish if we could quickly whip up our favourite cocktail after a long day at work, but often stack away the idea at the first sign of struggle. We at Hermes Distillery, are not only dedicated to providing you world-class liquor but also the fastest and easiest cocktail ideas to craft out from the best Indian brandy.

Whether you drink for leisure or to express your style, brandy is perfect for all moods, tastes and occasions. This sparkling elixir is crafted from either fermented fruit juice or distilled wine. Just like gin and vodka, brandy also makes for the perfect base for cocktails and exudes a taste like no other. Brandy cocktails are ideal for unwinding after a long day, and these mixes mentioned below are super easy to prepare within a record time of five minutes. So, if you are planning to throw a cocktail party and don’t wish to serve your guests the regular stuff, give these mixes a try using Lincoln, our premium brandy.


Delicious and easy to make, Penchant is one of the best cocktails that can be crafted using brandy as a base. With a taste like salted caramel apple, Penchant is mind-blowingly tasty and best served with a salted rim. Brandy, apple juice, caramel syrup, and aromatic bitter is all you need. Shake them up in a glass until the caramel syrup is mixed well. Add ice and serve with or without any garnish.

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Just as whiskey has Manhattan and gin has martini, brandy has the metropolitan. To make this classic cocktail and people a fan of your bartending skills you need sweet vermouth, syrup and the best Indian brandy. The syrup gives this cocktail the required sweetness while the brandy takes care of everything else. However, be sure of adding just the right amount of syrup to craft out the perfect metropolitan. If you wish, add a little triple sec for added taste.

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The Sidecar

The name sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Well, the taste is as exciting as its name. The Sidecar develops an instant taste and is one of the most consumed brandy cocktails around the world. Orange liqueur, Lincoln Brandy, lemon juice and sugar are what you need to prepare this classic cocktail. Don’t forget to coat the glass rim with sugar when you serve it to your guests. The Sidecar tastes best when consumed chilled.

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The Brandy Alexander

This brandy-based cocktail will be the showstopper at all your parties. Moreover, it will be a sin if you don’t try your hands at this fantastic cocktail that can be easily prepared using our Lincoln brandy. This cocktail tastes like heaven and is a variation of the ever-popular cocktail – Alexander. Stock up on freshly grated nutmeg, crème de cacao, brandy and cream to prepare this heavenly drink. Serve chilled in a classic cocktail glass and make your evenings with friends even better.

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Brandy Sour

Dubbed as the national cocktail of Cyprus (unofficially), Brandy Sour is a refreshing drink that can be easily prepared within minutes. The main alcohol of this cocktail is brandy while other ingredients include lemon squash, bitters and carbonated water. Pour all the ingredients into a glass, stir over ice, garnish with lemon and cherry and serve on the rocks. We suggest serving this drink in a highball glass full of ice.


These cocktails are sure to turn up the heat in every party. So, grab a bottle of our Lincoln Brandy and start experimenting with these brandy-based cocktails. They are super easy to make and exciting to drink.

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