The Best Uses of Lincoln Brandy

by Hermes

premium brandy

Brandy is a classic liquor and one of the most popular drinks worldwide. Having a distinct taste, it is also considered as one of the most favoured liquors in India. There is a fine procedure that goes into the making of brandy – starting from preparation to its distillation. The process involves fermentation of finest Indian grapes in oak casks.

Our Lincoln brandy is prepared from the finest Indian grapes, which are then blended and distilled to offer a remarkable taste. The best part about this Indian brandy is that this spirit is suitable for all occasions and is ideal for people who are looking forward to relaxing and enjoying the day as it comes. So, if you are looking for a premium brandy in India, end your search at our Lincoln Brandy.

Here we have scouted a list of some of the best uses of Lincoln brandy. Take a look!


Lincoln brandy can work as the base for many cocktails such as Metropolitan, B&B, Sidecar, Vieux Carré , Corpse Reviver, and Tom & Jerry. These brandy cocktails are some of the best drinks that have lasted through all these years and continue to be the favorite of many cocktail lovers worldwide. These cocktails are a fantastic version of brandy and also among the simplest recipes. Preparing them at home is as easy as pouring brandy in a glass.

2.Induces Sleep

Brandy has certain relaxing, soothing, and warming qualities that can help induce restful and healthy sleep. There is a considerable amount of alcohol content present in Lincoln brandy which is helpful for the human body due to its natural depressant qualities. Thus, making it a great after-dinner drink. Consume it in moderation before going to bed and those sleepless nights will become a thing of the past.

3.Relieves Sore Throat & Coughing

Since Lincoln brandy has a considerable amount of alcohol, it tends to burn the throat a little. However, this burning sensation can actually help the body to kill some of the bacteria that may happen due to a sore throat or a cough. Thus, offering relief from coughing and making it much better. If a person is starting to feel ill, the best they can do is take a shot of this brandy to kill the bacteria. Remember, brandy is not an alternative to medicine and should always be consumed in moderation.

4.Manages Weight

Entirely different from carbohydrate-heavy alcoholic drinks such as beer, brandy comes with no carbs and does not fill you up. In fact, it can also be enjoyed as an aperitif – without affecting the appetite. Furthermore, it does not contribute to the simple sugar breakdown of carbs that is stored as fat, just like the ones found in beer. The antioxidant compounds present in brandy help prevent a ageing symptoms, such as cognitive issues, wrinkles, poor vision, and various other chronic conditions that arise with age.


Apart from being consumed neat, on the rocks, or diluted, Lincoln brandy can be used in various cooking methods. It can be added in various delicious dessert recipes such as flambeed apples and flambeed pears. Different baked recipes like cakes and pie fillings use brandy to enhance the taste. Apart from that, brandy is also used as a deglazing liquid while making pan sauces for meats.

Even though it is not always advised to drink any alcoholic beverage in excess, drinking Lincoln brandy in small amounts can not only be beneficial to the health but also add some fun to your boring life.

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