Give Your Home Bar an Update with Our Fine Range of Liquors

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best premium whisky brands in India

Having your home bar is no less than being in charge of a delectable treasure. Be it a mundane evening or a dinner party with your loved ones, your home bar can bring life to every moment.

To ensure that your bar never fails to surpass your expectations, it is recommended to keep it updated with unique and premium brands. We at Hermes Distillery, have launched some of the premium brands that are creating waves in the industry.

From rum and whisky to brandy and vodka, our fine range of liquors has everything that suits your taste and style. Know a more about each one of them below, and we’re sure you won’t help but add them soon to your bar!

  • Rockdove

From the instant you lay your eyes on the elegant bottle of Rockdove, you will understand why it is considered as one of the best premium whisky brands in India. Specially made for the success-oriented new generation, Rockdove meets the highest of standards and offers an exclusive taste. The whisky is prepared from select scotch malts which is then blended with finest Indian grains. Moreover, its appealing colour and aroma of smooth matured scotch reflect its exquisite flavour.

  • Red Bliss

A vodka of unmatched quality, Red Bliss has gathered a huge fan base in a short span of time. Be it the smooth taste, strong aroma or the satisfying aftertaste; Red Bliss offers the best of all. To maintain its standard, we make sure that Red Bliss is distilled five times and is manufactured under hygienic conditions. You can also accompany it with mixers to enhance the flavours to rock your party.

  • Lincoln

Whether you drink to relax or party with your friends, Lincoln is a spirit that compliments all occasions. This premium brandy is specially prepared from the finest Indian grapes to give an unforgettable taste to your palate. Its fruity aroma and relishing golden colour are enough to insist you on pouring it the moment you behold this beauty. This is also one of the reasons that it has become one of the best selling brandy brands in India.

  • Murano

Though it is perfect for winters, Murano is well enjoyed in summers too. The rich and smooth mellow taste along with sweet aroma makes our rum a great choice for a get-together. We make our rum from the molasses and age it in oak barrels with added sugarcane to ensure it has a strong sensation when relished.

  • 6 Bullet

Here is another whisky from our fine collection that suits the taste and budget of all. The best part of 6 Bullet is its versatility – it is perfect for every occasion. 6 Bullet tastes like light bodied malt and feels smooth in every sip. The golden yellow colour and aroma with peaty touch also make it a unique drink to try.

  • Indian Honey

Though it is last on the list, Indian Honey is our ultra-special and most delightful spirit. This finest liquor is prepared with exclusive ingredients to give a distinct flavour. Specially launched for the sophisticated generation, this elegant concoction is taken as a chilled shot after a sumptuous dinner.

Now that you are done reading, why not get these finer liquors soon to update your home bar. Whether you are a fan of premium whisky brands in India or love the taste of rum, this range will fulfil all your desires.

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